Finally finished the 2nd ed. ObjC book

Thank you for this excellent learning tool. I enjoyed the material and the style very much. I don’t know if there will be a 3rd edition of this book seeing as how most efforts seem to be transitioning towards SWIFT, but a “For the more curious” section on the BITWSE operations chapter would have been most welcomed. I understand the concepts but it is definitely a topic requiring more in depth coverage, (particularly for the ensuing ‘SpeakableSTrings’ challenge that follows) so I will supplement it with other material. For anyone finishing the book, I found that reading the 'Programming with Objective-C" PDF from apple ( … 10-CH1-SW1) immediately after helped closed any gaps and solidified the knowledge from the book. It is only a 100 page document and a great read.

Now, onto my next journey with your iOS Programming book 4td Ed.

Well done fsck66. It is a remarkable book. I’m just beginning Part IV now. Just wondering, how long did you spend on the book from start to finish? I myself have spent 6 weeks in all to get to page 236, beginning of Part IV, which I think is reasonable given that I’ve had days off in that time, and most days didn’t have a ‘full’ day of study put in. I do feel like I will benefit from more revision though so I intend to read back through from the start (I do some revision as I go along too though to supplement).

Also, thanks for tip re. Apple pdf. I do think I might need something to bridge the gap between this book and the iOS Programming book also by BNR. I was thinking about getting the Kochan book as well as an additional resource/ reference and for the exercises.

Have you considered going through a C book as well, or do you already know C?


Hi sineadW <–you’ve been camel-cased :slight_smile:

I started the book Sept of last year and finished it Jan this year, however, I did have about a month worth of work travel and no study so, in all I’d say it took me 3-4 months at a slow-moderate pace. My objective going into this was to master Objective-C as much as possible before diving into Cocoa and Cocoa touch development so I took my time with the chapters, I didnt just set out to finish the book fast, in fact, I sat and pondered what I learned on some of the chapters for a week or two in some cases to make sure I fully understood the concepts (sometimes advancing one or two chapters makes the previous one click - everybody’s learning style is different). I also read and experimented with the various classes using the Apple reference and guides, as a way to supplement the content as I went through the chapters. The book to me is just one more tool (a very good one at that), not just a means to an end.

As for previous C experience, not very much. I took C in college ages ago and do understand programming concepts but that’s the extent of it. I think the Obj-C book covers enough C to get you started, and as you will find as you progress through the book and learn the Foundation framework, you will continue to touch on C on/off since ObjC is just a superset of C and you will still rely on C types, structures, C-arrays, C functions, etc to accomplish many tasks (by the way, this continues on even on the iOS book - CoreGraphics for example, is a C based API and you use the API directly to accomplish a lot of stuff that hasnt been abstracted one layer up yet). lastly, remember the C is a procedural language so spending too much time on a C book may not help further your thinking in terms of classes and objects, which is where you really need to be in this context.

Stick with it and have fun!

At least learn how to implement abstract data types in C. They are the foundation stone of classes in Object Oriented Languages.

Thanks a lot. Sound advice I think regards going too far into C at this point. I’ll stay away for now at least and see how things progress! But will look into abstract data types in C as advised by ibex.
I’m thinking about getting Kochan’s book on Objective-C, just to supplement BNR and for the additional exercises and reference. I’ve just started back into Part IV of BNR so I need to think about my next steps.

Well done anyway and good luck to you too! :slight_smile: