Finished the book (2nd Edition)

Having finished getting the iVars logged on screen, the last of the book has been finished…

Now on to bigger and greater iOS learning with the 4th Edition of iOS Programming when it is finally released. (Noticed the publication date was pushed back to Feb! Hope it is worth the wait…)

Thanks to both Mikey Ward, Aaron Hillegrass, and Big Nerd Ranch for putting together an excellent learning tool. I am just starting on iOS coding, and I needed the ‘basics’ of Objective C to fill in the gaps of understanding (not that I fully understand Objective C! but I feel I have a solid footing to keep going with.)

This was definately worth the purchase price. Money well spent. Thank you.

(Just a note for other students looking for iOS7 materials: iTunes U has the new course material for Stanford Universities iOS7 programming course (2013-2014) (lectures, slides and homework DPFs).)

AntonyBurt, thank you for the kind words - we’re so glad that you found the book useful! The 4th Edition iOS book is on its way to the printers right now (and it usually takes them a few weeks to churn out copies), and it’s definitely worth the wait! We’re super proud of it.

Thank you also for contributing back to the community with your own answers to some of the questions folks have asked in these forums.

The next step is to go find your local iOS Developer’s meetup group ( maybe) and your local CocoaHeads ( chapter!

Happy Coding!

Thanks, I am looking forward to the new and improved ios book (and it’s updated forum created for the readers of the new edition (hint hint)). Yes, my name is on the long list of pre-ordered recipients of the book.

I live in a small town… There isn’t many programmers here. Of any sort.

Looking forward for the new edition of the iOS too!
I also found a few iOS Meetup group around my area! (San Francisco)

Looking forward! My resolution 2014 is iOS programming! I want at least one app on the Store (or at least functional on my iPhone and iPad) before 2014 ends!

@Mickey Ward: Please may I ask if solutions to the challenges in the Objective-c book can be provided just like we have for the iOS programming book?

It would really help beginners like me to assess and evaluate my progress and to know if I am really thinking in the right direction.