iOS Programming 4th edition delayed until February?

I just noticed this on amazon. I was really looking forward to getting the 4th edition in December, which was the previous release date. When did this change and why?

I also noticed that the book hasn’t been listed in iBooks yet for pre-order. I hope that’s not a bad sign! I’m really looking forward to the next edition of this book!

On the 4th edition is announced for today - the 10th of Feb. Is it right or do you have more precise information?
I just finished the objective-c book on the kindle and would like to proceed with ios7 asap!

I bought the 4th edition on iBooks yesterday.

Will there be digital copy of the book to buy? If yes then when? I can’t find one anywhere, only paperback one.
P.S.: I can’t buy one from iBooks because I am from Europe and it is not available in my store.