Android Studio 2.3.3 uses ConstraintLayout for an empty project by default

Using Android Studio 2.3.3. Following the instructions, I get a default activity layout activity_quiz.xml which uses ConstraintLayout instead of RelativeLayout. I can easily modify the tag to android.widget.RelativeLayout as I saw on a URL, or simply to RelativeLayout, but I think there are items under the tag that pertain only to ConstrainLayout, and items under the layout section above that are missing. With reference to the latter, these items are missing from thedefault activity_quiz.xml, and I am thinking maybe they are required for RelativeLayout:
They seem to replace these present in the TextView for ConstraintLayout:
app:layout_constraintTop_toTopOf=“parent” />
My question - what do I need to do with the default activity layouts in the book’s projects to make following the book work just like it should?

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Oh, I see, for GeoQuiz the entire activity_quiz.xml default layout is changed anyway. Is it the same for the other projects in the book?

Yea, the new project templates sometimes change in Android Studio. In the book, we ask you to replace everything that’s in the default layout file for all of the apps that you build.