Android version

I just started using this book. I am using the latest Android version 3.01. First of all the folder structure differs from what is described in the book. activity_quiz.xml is app/src/main/res/layout. Also the xml is very different from the one shown in the book. My question before I do anything and continue is, should I just continue with this Android version or download the version, for which this book was written? Thanks for any suggestions.

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I think I can answer the question myself. There is no problem using the new version. Just follow all the update instructions in the program and the book instructions. And search for files, if you don’t find them.

It sounds like you’re looking at your files with a different perspective from what we have in the book.

Take a look at Figure 1.13 in chapter 1. We talk about the “Android” perspective vs the “Project” perspective. The book uses the “Android” perspective in most places.

As for the xml being different, Google changes the new project templates fairly often. In the first chapter, we start you out by deleting what’s there and making your own layouts from scratch, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I hope that helps!