I got 2 layout files instead of 1

I follow the instruction in chapter 2 just after connecting a mobile phone to my computer. When I choose RUN, it pop up with error. I found there are 2 layout files under Android view. I have edited the NEXT button in activity_quiz_xml file but the another file activity_quiz_xml(xlarge) is not updated. I need to copy those update all over again to this (xlarge) file, otherwise build would fail.
Can you help to get rid of this 2nd file?

You shouldn’t need two xml files. If I understand correctly, the xlarge version is meant for larger screens (but I’m not sure how it was created?).

You should be able to just delete the xlarge version (assuming I understand your setup correctly). Feel free to share a screenshot of your files here so I can give you more accurate info.

Yes, I have deleted the extra file and everything works fine.
Thank you very much.