One extra layout file (xlarge)

I found in the res.layout.activity_quiz.xml folder, 2 files: one activity_quiz.xml and one activity_quiz_xml(xlarge). Every time when I change one file and build. It comes with error. I need to copy the same update to the 2nd file in order to build. I do not know why there are 2 files instead of 1?

You should screenshot what you have.

Yes, I would post the screen shot next time. I have sorted out the problem by simply cancel the file under project view.
I guess this file comes from the moment when I created the 2nd virtual device with a different resolution from the 1st device, and under build, the studio generated this file automatically for the 2nd device. Anyway, it is deleted and everything works fine.
Thank you very much.

Glad you on track. No problem.