Any Suggestions on Books to progress further?


Thanks to all who helped while I worked through this book. I want to continue learning as I start making my own applications. I have one in mind I want to make for Mac OS, then I know I need to get into iOS. Are there any suggestions on books or anything to take this Mac OS learning further? I know BNR had an Advanced book, but it is even more outdated than this one was.

Thanks! Joel


That book is still worth reading despite the fact that it looks outdated.

Also if you want to sharpen up your programming skills more, here is a challenge for you to tackle.

There is a free app called NumbersJam (by Pretty Function) on the iOS AppStore. If you have an iPad, download that app to test drive.

The challenge is create its macOS equivalent to see how far you can go.

PS: Consider learning XPC Services and Metal programming as well.

Godspeed :slight_smile:


Thanks again Ibex10. I will follow your advice for the BNR book and “Consider learning Metal or OpenGL programming as well.” and even XPC Services.

I’ve also download the app and will take you up on that challenge too.

You’ve been a great help throughout my challenges with learning programming.


Just browsing around and saw this and going to download that app for my iPad, I’m in the same boat as Joel. Thanks for asking and thanks for the answer