What's next?

Hi together,
I’m currently reading “iOS-Programming - The BNR Guide”. When I’m finished with this book I want to read more about developing for Mac OS X and about what’s going on in the background. I saw there is a book called “Advanced Mac OS X Programming”.
My question:
Do I need (or should I) read “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” first can you understand the Advanced book if you’ve only read the iOS book ?
And are there many things in Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X that I already know or would it really gain my knowledge.


If you are familiar with the Unix Operating System, go ahead and read the “Advanced Mac OS X Programming” book; otherwise, read the “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” first, then read the “Advanced Mac OS X Programming” book.

Both books are worth reading, even if you intend to write code for IOS only. Both books are excellent!

The thing is that I am already familiar with other programming languages, the concepts (like OOP or MVC(S)) and so I don’t want to read a “What is Objective-C” or “What is an object” chapter for the 20th time.
I’m reading iOS Programming because I want to get to know the Frameworks and the methods on iOS.

What about “More Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X”?

Is that book the same difficulty as “Advanced Mac OS X Programming”?

EDIT: When I posted this I didn’t see the publication date on Amazon: May 27, 2013. Is this a new upcoming version of “Advanced Mac OS X Programming”?
amazon.com/More-Cocoa-Progra … more+cocoa

The two are different books.

To understand the difference, have a look at the different syllabi for our related classes:

Cocoa I
Cocoa II
Advanced Mac OS X