This Book's Compatibility with Objective-C


I’m relatively new to iOS development, and I have some questions about this book’s compatibility with the Objective-C language. I’m coming from the Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Objective-C. The end of that book directs you to next pursue the Big Nerd Ranch Guide for iOS Programming. So once i felt that I had down the basics of Objective-C, I went ahead and bought this book. I’m beginning this book, and in the introduction/chapter 1 it tells you that to use this book you will need a working knowledge of the Swift language; also that when creating the first project, you will select ‘Swift’ as the language. I would love to stick consistently with the Big Nerd Ranch Guides, because I found the first to be well written, but I’m not sure if this Guide is the right fit. Will I be able to work through this book with only a good knowledge of Objective-C? Or would I be better off going with a book thats written mainly for Objective-c, as opposed to Swift?

All input or any similar situations shared would be much appreciated

Thanks, Ethan

If you feel you are comfortable with Objective-C and its concepts, Swift should not be a major hurdle for you to make progress. However, to prepare yourself for what’s ahead, read this first: The Swift Programming Language.

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Thank you for your input! I will be sure to check out that resource. Much appreciated.

Hi, I’m in the same situation as @ibex10 and was wondering if I should try and make some simple Objective-C apps before starting “iOS Programming”, which is in Swift. I’m worried that I will forget most of the things I learnt in “Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Objective-C” if I jump into Swift right away after finishing the book.

That’s an excellent idea. The more you practice, the better you will get in coding.

But if you are wondering what problem to tackle, here is a challenge for you:

Multidimensional arrays with arbitrary dimensions such as:
2D: M x N

3D: M x N x O

4D: M x N x O x P

5D: M x N x O x P x R


Write a program that enables the user to store and view integers in a multidimensional array.

If you need to stick with Objective-C, you could find yourself an older version of this iOS Programming book that was written before the switch to Swift. Some things related to Xcode and iOS development will be out of date compared to the new versions, but you will be able to work through the book using Objective-C.

Alternatively, if you are able to pick up Swift quickly and are not afraid that you will forget Objective-C, you could use the latest edition of the iOS Programming book. Even though it’s in Swift, you will still learn more about Xcode and the iOS frameworks. And once you are done you can just switch gears back to the Objective-C mindset.

Hi, which edition have you read? Because I can ensure you that with 6th edition you can’t have any problems.