Objective-C book

Hello all,

I have a question, maybe it’s not the best place to ask, but i want your reviews/experiences. I want to learn objective-c and have S. Kochans book (programming in objective-c). Maybe i will make a switch to the big nerd ranch. Does anybody has any experience with these two books. Wich one is better foor the beginner, i must start from zero. Does the big nerd ranch require programming experience?

Thank in advance.

If you are starting from zero, with no programming experience, it is better to learn the C Programming Language first.

Objective-C, based on the C Programming Language, enables you to write code that runs on Apple’s computing devices.

If you master the C Programming Language first, you will find that learning any other programming language will be almost effortless.

Having said that, you can still learn Objective-C simultaneously with C if you don’t let yourself be distracted and scared by object-oriented-programming terminology and concepts.

As for Does the big nerd ranch require programming experience?, not really but having some programming experience helps.

Thx for your reply ibex, also is the ebook exactly the same as the paperback?