Anyone tried this with goorm?

I’ve developed Chattrbox up through chapter 17 on goorm. I can connect to my chat server from within a terminal in goorm using wscat, and that works fine. But when I start the server and connect from a browser the connection times out and I get a message that Firefox could not connect to the server at ws://localhost:3001. I tried updating the url to point to my goorm server, but the timeout just takes a bit longer. Does goorm block port 3001? Or is there some additional trick to making this work over the network? I’m about to copy my project down to my local and run it there, so this is mostly curiosity, but if anyone has made this work I’d appreciate some feedback.


Hi, glad to see somebody on the same page/chapter with me, I will proceed 17th chapter at next days

By saying goorm, did you mean goormIDE “A Cloud IDE Service” from here, ?
Just noticed your message pass 5 days, so may be you have found solution, then you can share it?
I suspect browsers do not support ws:// as URL protocol scheme from address bar of a browser,
although as a protocol it is supported very well:
I personally like Firefox and use it very much, but for this book and exercises I obey the book recommendation and use Chrome (Chromium for Linux in fact), so this can also be a browser artefact

By the way if you run nodejs-chattrbox server locally you will be able to see all messages on that console, including, whether connection was normally established, and message was received or not