Silver Challenge: How I did it

var ws = new WebSocketServer ({
  port : port,
  verifyClient: function(info, cb) {
    if (info.req.headers.authorization == 'Basic Y2xpZW50OlN3b3JkZmlzaA==') {
    } else {

Is this the solution contemplated by the book? Or the challenge expected a connection to be established then a ‘password’ string to be evaluated then allow the client to access all the messages already sent and the new messages?

To connect to the ws-server I would use the command: wscat -c ws://client:Swordfish@localhost:3001 that would add an Authorization header to the http request. Y2xpZW50OlN3b3JkZmlzaA== is client:Swordfish base64 encoded.