Apples documentation help

PLZ Help in documentation they declared diffrent but we use them diffrently,i know programing concepts but new to obj-c so plz someone help me and explain with example,codes like this given below,how to implement them in our coding,if we are using them ist time.


  • (instancetype)dateByAddingTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)ti;

What exactly is the difficulty you are experiencing with the documentation?

like when we go apple document they only tell declaration,not how to use it in our code.

The information provided in the API documentation assumes that the reader has the required level of programming experience to figure it out all that is required to use the API.

The API documentation can be overwhelming especially for those who are just starting to learn programming.

If you are finding it really hard, try doing the tutorials provided by Apple first. Then read the BNR books a couple of times. Learning to program is not an overnight process; it takes time. If you want to accelerate this process, I provide special training for those who want to cut the time required and who are willing to pay for it.