Build Problem - fragment-ktx: 1.4.1

I’m not sure why the chapter names and numbers are different in the forum dropdown from what I’m seeing in my book (5th ed). I used the topic. Aar…

I’m having build issues when I try adding:

The error is:
Execution failed for task ‘:app:checkDebugDuplicateClasses’.

Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:app:debugRuntimeClasspath’.
Failed to transform fragment-ktx-1.4.1.jar (androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx:1.4.1) to match attributes {artifactType=enumerated-runtime-classes, org.gradle.libraryelements=jar, org.gradle.status=release, org.gradle.usage=java-runtime}.
Could not find fragment-ktx-1.4.1.jar (androidx.fragment:fragment-ktx:1.4.1).
Searched in the following locations:

When I check the link at the bottom, sure enough, it’s a 404.
But 1.4.1 definitely exists: Fragment  |  Jetpack  |  Android Developers

It looks like you might have an extraneous “:” at the end of your implementation line. It should just be:


(Note that there is no “:” after the version number)

Thank you. (face palm)

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