Button shortcut key combination

I can’t get a simple pushbutton’s shortcut key equivalent (shift-command-N in this case) to show with the button name. Does this only work with menu items?

Hm, I’m not sure I understand what it is that you’re looking for. Do you have a picture that you could link us to, that shows the sort of behavior you want?

Look at the Finder’s file menu, where it says “New folder” followed by symbols for the shift key, the command key, and the letter N. I want the same effect on a button, with “New item” instead of “New folder”.

Ah-ha. Unfortunately, the Cocoa frameworks don’t give us any sort of free functionality for putting key equivalents on buttons like it does for menu items. You’ll need to roll your own solution. :-/

Thanks; that agrees with what I had observed, but hoped was not true. So now I have created an image and want to put that image on the button next to the button title. The image is there where I want it in Interface Builder but not in the built application. Why not? Am I going to have to subclass NSButton?