Challenge mentions properties before they're discussed


I would say that is an error/mistake in the book. It makes sense to follow what you have learned in the chapter. Properties aren’t even discussed until the next chapter. Yes… not really clear what values to print. It’s up to you to choose.


It could be that they were attempting to get you to try to figure something out on your own, although that seems unlikely. Shouldn’t be a big deal for you to write the accessor methods yourself and then go back and write them with properties.


Do they use the word properties as the definition of the word or the actual method of using properties? Because if they do, were not there yet. If they don’t I still don’t get it. lol.
Anyways, a response would be appreciated .


take it easy.
u can follow ahead or try in ur own.

just a little of fun by part of BNRanchers :slight_smile:)