Challenge: Paging

Has anyone successfully implemented this challenge?
Ive read the official documentation and also tried paging code lab but didn’t understand much from either.
It feels like a big jump from what we’ve learned in chapters before to this.

So I’m looking for some guidance on what should I learn, understand and read to be able to finish this challenge.

I am also having trouble with this challenge. I think i’m close, I created custom Data source and DataSourceFactory. I can see the api call going through in my DataSource, but my viewModel only ever gets an empty list.

I see most examples on the web are using Room Database with the paging library, I am hoping to do it with out Room.

I will keep trying, if you or anyone else has solved this since, please share.

So, I was able to get this working after taking a break for a while.

Here is a link to my github where I solved the challenge.

I borrowed heavily from this article, I recommend checking out this guys github for inspiration as well.

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