Challenge Paging


I’m using the 5th Edition BNR Android Programming. I’m curious of anyone has had any luck with the Chapter 20 (Making Network Requests) Paging challenge.

The text implies that there is an additional parameter to make this work. Looking at the Android Documentation for Paging 3, the solution would require a fair amount of rework.

Wondering if I am missing something. I would appreciate your thoughts on the intended approach.

Thanks !

Yeah, that paragraph could be worded a little bit better. The “additional parameter” mentioned in the book for the API request. See the page argument here in Flickr’s documentation: Flickr Services: Flickr API: flickr.interestingness.getList

So yeah, getting the AndroidX Paging library into the project would be a little bit more work than just adding 1 parameter, but Google’s Developer documentation for the library is pretty good. I’m sure you can figure it out.