Closure Expression Syntax

After all syntax tricks I think the quickest way to write it and also have more readable code way is:
While typing the word “sorted”, it appears:

Just press 2 times enter and you get:

Than just type i + tab + j + tab + i < j and you get:
let volunteersSorted3 = volunteerCounts.sorted { (i, j) -> Bool in
i < j

  1. Also I saw that when you write:

In one line it gives that:

  1. The same like 2) for the last line of code in page 130

Does anyone know what 15 times or 16 times mean? Is that the arrays the function pass until you get the last sorted that you asked?

The number refers to how many times the code had to iterate through the array - I guess how many comparisons the closure had to make. I think Xcode only prints the 16 times because Xcode will only print one message on a line. If you break the line to two lines, you’ll see the result of the assignment on one line and the 16 times message on the other line.