Compile and Link

Ok folks, I’m pulling my hair out.

I’m using Matt Ronge’s Mailcore to build an application for MacOSX that will send SMS to provide updates to my phone.

On my CoreDuo MacBookPro, I release under i386. The executable works great!
I move the executable over to my new macMini and am told to contact the developer, it won’t load.
I take the project on the macMini, release under i386 and it works great. I move the executable over to my CoreDuo MacBookPro and it works great!
I then move the executable over to my Core2Duo iMac and it won’t load for the same reasons above.

I obviously don’t have clue what is going on. I do know it has something to do with the Mailcore framework during the compile/link process. But I would think that an i386 release would work on everything but a powerBook.

I’m building with standard 32/64 bit intel architectures and 10.6.

Any thoughts?

solved… … n-in-xcode