Documentation Layout Has Changed

I just wanted to point out that the layout of the documentation has changed since the writing of the book, and so at least one of the instructions from chapter 14 (the one about finding the little “i” symbol in figure 16.6) is irrelevant given the way the documentation currently looks and works.

Indeed it has. Even worse: It changed /after/ we’d already sent the book to the printers, but /before/ it was even in anyone’s hands. Argh! :blush:

Just curious, since I have a book for sale on iBooks too: couldn’t BNR just update the text in the iBook version for little things like this whenever they are found (or maybe do it monthly or quarterly or something with a slew of errata all at once)? It would mean that the eBook and the printed book would be slightly different, but is that really all that bad? Again, just curious, not demanding.

So did apple remove the sample code on the new documentation?

I didn’t notice the samples while viewing in Xcode, but when I viewed it at I did see samples listed.

You can still get at that information from within Xcode:

In the newer version of Xcode (v. 6.x), the info that was previously available by clicking on the little “i” symbol will be revealed in a drop down list when you click on “More related items…” in the header of the documentation window.