Pdf file?


Hello all,

I have one quick question. Sorry for posting a new topic for this.
I want to learn objective-c, and have bought a book follow tutorials etc. I’ve seen the book BNR on internet, and a pdf file. Are they exactly the same?
My main question is, the pdf file is free. So is this right or is it illegal that is uploaded by people? Why should people buy the book, if the pdf is free?

Thx for reading my post, and hopefully i get some answers.

Greetingzz from the Netherlands


I am also interested in PDF files for Aaron and Joe’s books for the following reasons:

I never thought I would ever prefer PDF files to actual books, but I was wrong. PDF’s are much more convenient when coding because, for example, you do not have to be physically handling the book as you follow along. I have always had a heck of a time finding book stands to hold these books correctly. In addition, my eyesight is not what it used to be and PDF’s never suffer from poor lighting, etc. The PDF is just a tap away and no holding required;

Today I was trying to work on the Blocky project (Chapter 27) in the 3rd Edition of iOS Programming book. Xcode 5 was not accepting the book code. I downloaded the book projects and noted that the Blocky code did not match the book code. A ‘head’s up’ from BNR could have been broadcast to all registered book/PDF user’s and we’d have been good to go with a fresh PDF download;

Code Snippets
For the sake of completeness, I should also mention that code snippets can also be copied from the PDF and pasted into your project, if that is your preference. Personally, I prefer to type in all of my code, but others may not be so inclined;

iPad Use
Again, speaking from recent experience, loading my iPad with the PDF file makes this knowledge easily portable. I normally read in bed before falling off to sleep and my iPad is usually in my hands. Life is short, so I use all of my time to try and keep up with this technology as best I can.

To be clear, I am not an iBook fan. I am an avid book reader, but prefer actual books. With regard to coding books, if the contents are not absolutely current with the changes that Apple seems to make just after a book is released, then problems await both reader and author. A freshly downloaded PDF is the simplest way to stay in stride with Apple, IMO.

None of the above is meant to suggest that the price of this knowledge should be reduced. I only hope that the author’s will at least consider making PDF’s an option for their next books. I have two more of their books pre-ordered and it would be awesome for them to make PDF’s available to all of us.



I buy a ton (well, bits actually) of e-books from O’Reilly because they come in several different formats and are DRM free. And now that iBooks have finally arrived in Norway I’m buying books there too.
I can second all the points pabriles made above, and I would really like to see BNR provide e-books.

I’ve already bought “iOS 7 Development Essentials” and “iOS 7 Programming Cookbook” and is sitting with my credit card in my hand right now to buy “Programming iOS 7”. That is money I would have spent on BNR today if you had an e-book option. Just sayin’…


I’m annoyed.
Why on earth are you not informing on BNR’s book page that you actually do offer e-books?
Then I could have spared this (and my previous) rant about this subject.

If anyone from BNR reads this forum:
• when will iOS Programming (updated for iOS 7) be on the iBooks Store?