What version of Objective C book


What do you recommend as the best way to go through the upcoming objective C book? Paperback or iBooks (iPad)? I assume not Kindle because it can’t open links. Thanks for any thoughts


This is really just a persona preference question. I like the feel, resolution, portability of paper books. I also like to scribble in them and dog-ear the pages.

If you want an ebook, the Kindle and Epub versions are very, very similar. The nice part about the Kindle is that it goes anywhere: Mac, PC, iPad, kindle, etc.


I’m currently working through the iOS Programming book on the Kindle (in fact, I saw this post when building ch. 25’s web view exercise, and am typing this reply into the iPad simulator through that app). I was a little worried about not being able to flip back and forth, which is a bit of a difficulty, but not insurmountable – search helps plenty. But I’m finding it pretty convenient to have Xcode up on one monitor with the Kindle book in another, flipping pages as I go in the Kindle book just by hovering over the window and ticking the mouse wheel down. If I had just one screen, I imagine it would be a pain, but I think this way may be a bit easier than holding an actual book down.