Documentation Navigator different in Xcode V12.1

Section 5 Controls > Using Documentation
page 89 in 5th edition
Figure 5.28 Investigating the “color” Property

Apparently there are changes for Xcode version 12.1

(a) The Navigation has moved for Xcode 12.1, use breadcrumbs
(b) “Declaration”, etc, now react to “Language”
(c_) Use links to get to “NSColor” and its tasks etc.
(d) Finding the doc for "init(calibratedRed,green,blue,alpha)
(e) Apple documentation error: “calibratedRed”, not “red”.

(a) The Navigation has moved for Xcode 12.1, use breadcrumbs

To see the Navigator for “tasks, properties, and methods” go to the breadcrumbs at the top of the Document presentation. In the case for this point in the tutorial, the breadcrumbs will read as follows:

AppKit > Views and Controls > NSColorWell

Click on the icon next to NSColorWell

Alternative method:
Scroll down to “Topics” section > Managing Color from Color Wells and click on “var color: NSColor” link.

(b) “Declaration” and etc now reacts to "Language:

The page now shows either Swift or Objective-C, but not both simultaneously. Use the link at “Language: Swift | Objective-C” at top right column of the document page.

© Use links to get to “NSColor” and its tasks etc.

Click on “var color: NSColor” using either the breadcrumb navigation or the link in the documentation page of NSColorWell. That goes to a rather sparse “properties” description. To actually see anything about the NSColor class, it is necessary to click on the NSColor link; by which I mean NSColor link on the documentation page for “var color: NSColor” property. The link is in a line that says:

@NSCopying var color: NSColor { get set }

Click on “NSColor”, that will open a new page, which has the desired information. Note that this page transition changes the breadcrumbs. Once again, there is dual navigation, either via the breadcrumbs or just scroll the page, to find the “Topic” of interest. Note that the usual browser-style “back” button at the address bar takes you back to the prior page, and therefore the prior breadcrumbs.

(d) Finding the doc for "init(calibratedRed,green,blue,alpha)

The “init()” function described in the book is found by first getting to the NSColor page, then either using the breadcrumb menu sub-section or scrolling down the page, find the “Getting and Creating Colors” Topics section, and from there, select “Color Creation”. That will show a pop-up side menu (if using breadcrumb menu) or open a page (if clicked on page link) where the Topic “Creating a Color Using RGB Components” can be found. Pick the appropriate “init()” function form there.

(e) Apple documentation error: “calibratedRed”, not “red”.

At the “init()” function, the Apple documentation has a confusing and incorrect parameter notation. Correct name of parameter is “calibratedRed”, not “red”. This name is needed to do signature matching. (However, the “red” will probably work because there is a seemingly identical function with “red” in the signature. The doc on that says it uses “sRGB”, which is why the two init()s are different.)