Errata MainMenu.xib

Under “Showing the Window” it says to “First, return to the project navigator and open MainMenu.xib.” It seems like it should be “Main.storyboard,” not MainMenu.xib, and in any case nothing (no window) needs to be deleted to accomplish what you are doing here.

Also, I do not see the line “@IBOutlet weak var window: NSWindow!” in AppDelegate.swift.

Otherwise, the example works fine.

Ummm…you may want to try the project again. From page 2 in the printed book:

You’re right, I was not paying attention to the details.

Easy to miss; happens to all of us.

Heck, I missed the part in Chapter 2 (p.44, under Operator Overloading) about defining the operators OUTSIDE the struct. Wasted an hour on that. Won’t make that mistake again.

Another issue: The sentences (p. 16) “First, return to the project navigator…” and “In the document outline” could really use a Figure to show where these selections are made. For us newbies, it’s not clear what the terminology refers to yet and what the difference between project navigator and document outline is.