Ember Routing - Basic Question On Sightings Routing

I did the substitution to the new routing to show the parent - child relationships which should be a slam dunk and then received the error. This should be the most simple - has anyone else followed the book and ran into the same error ->

Uncaught ->UnrecognizedURLError

Fixed - bad typo in the generation step. “h” and “n” - they look the same when your eyes have been staring at small screens all day. :wink: The good news is the CLI pointed me in the right direction the whole time.

I used file compare and the book project data files to confirm the source of my headaches.

@johnmpeters glad you got it sorted out! Also, the Ember Inspector’s Routes panel really helps for finding typos, so if you get an UnrecognizedURLError, open the Routes panel and try searching through the list of all registered routes.