500 (Internal Server Error)

When working on the New Sighting section, when I click ‘Create’ I get the following error in Chrome’s Console:
jquery.js:9566 POST https://bnr-tracker-api.herokuapp.com/api/sightings 500 (Internal Server Error) ember-metal.js:3988 Error: Ember Data Request POST https://bnr-tracker-api.herokuapp.com/api/sightings returned a 500 Payload (Empty Content-Type)

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@tgandee @chrisaquino1. I’m also getting the same error. I’ve tried to send a post request to https://bnr-tracker-api.herokuapp.com/api/sightings using Postman but I get a similar code 500 (Internal Server Error). Anyone else facing the same issue?

Not getting the error anymore after I uninstalled ember v2.4.3 and instead installed v2.4.0. Also installed emberx-select v2.2.3 as suggested here: Install EmberX-Select p.437