Errata - iOS Programming (7th Edition)

For collecting errors found in the 7th Edition.

I believe there is a bug in the code presented for updateTags() in the Photorama app, page 469. Details are here:

@gc3182 – Good catch! And perfect fix.

We’ll get that fix in for the next printing. We’ll also update the online solutions, along with adding a comment explaining the fix (since the 1st printing obviously won’t have the fix in place).

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Small typo inherited from the 6th edition on page 443’s description of the object graph: objects can be thought of as nodes, and the relationships as edges in a mathematical graph (instead of vertices).

My read of the Apple documentation gives a different picture than Figure 13.5. Are you sure Unattached->Suspended and Foreground Inactive<->Suspended (without going through Background) are possible? I also thought there should be an arrow from Background->Unattached in some circumstances.