Feedback: Figure 6.2 (page 106) is a bit misleading


It shows the storyboard after deleting the map view–but the first time I read it, I didn’t realize this, and I put the cursor where it showed the highlight in figure 6.2 (which is the map view controller) and deleted that, which then removed it from the tab bar controller, which then required me to go back and re-do some parts of chapter 5 (which was somewhat educational, but a bit annoying). It’s possible an immediate “undo” command would have fixed this, but I didn’t figure this out until I wrote the next little bit of code to create the view programmatically and the tab bar controller still only showed the Convert tab, by which time the “undo” was lost.

My suggestion would be to just explain that figure 6.2 shows the result after the delete, and that the map view itself will be nested under the map view controller that is highlighted. Thanks.


I fell into this same trap. Perhaps a good learning/debugging experience, but annoying. I would prefer that the screenshot be updated to show the MapView highlighted and directing the user to delete it.


I stuck at the same chapter today. And after running the code on simulator lost the map view controller, and mistakenly thought that I need to somehow link programmatically created view in AppDelegate file. Lost 30 minutes.
But version control helped - I just rolled back to previous commit.