Final version of site doesn't look right

I’m having trouble getting the site too look like the final image in this chapter which is Figure 5.7. I’m not sure if my HTML and CSS is missing something stupid that was I suppose to add during another chapter or if there’s a bug somewhere because of my version of Chrome? My version of Chrome is 62.0.3202.62 (official build).

Here is my HTML:


My results stopped looking the results after adding my first media query so I didn’t’ see the “Otters in Disarray” in Figure 5.5.

Also, is there a repo where the final front-end code for these projects can be found?

Please disregard, I was missing something stupid! I typed “main-contient” instead of “main-content” in my media query. I figured it out after comparing my CSS against this version of the stylesheet:

I’m not sure how to close a topic here so I’ll let someone else do that or let me know if that’s something we should be able to do here.