Image dont load

I already followed the book and downloaded the sources but chrome is showing error 404 for the image. Can anyone help??

Hi @Firdaus!

Just to confirm, you copied the img folder so that it is inside the ottergram folder, right?
When you look at the sidebar in Atom, do you see your files organized as shown in this image?

Looks just like that but, still, no images. Tried another browser with the same result.

The error was that, rather than saying “src=”, I said “source=”. This came from the autocomplete – it REALLY wants to say “source=”. Don’t know what to do about that but shortening “source=” to “src=” did the trick. (No authorization required.)

That’s odd that it would suggest that.
But yes, src is the correct one to use. I don’t think that the attribute source is valid for the img tag.