Getting an typeerror: cb is not a function

I have followed the instructions in the book and see there is a difference between the book and the book solution resource. Also, I believe the book solutions are one chapter behind. For instance chapter 12 solutions are actually chapter 13 Ajax.

Following the instructions in the book, I can’t see why this is throwing an error:
RemoteDataStore.prototype.getAll = function(cb) {
$.get(this.serverUrl, function(serverResponse) {

This occurs after adding the get method to retrieve a single coffee order
RemoteDataStore.prototype.get = function(key, cb) {
$.get(this.serverUrl + ‘/’ + key, function(serverResponse) {

Hi Francis,

If you’re calling “remoteDS.getAll();” see the errata, it should be remoteDS.getAll(function (data) { console.log(data); });

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Francis , .

Did you get his resolved? I am working on this one now. I also noticed the issues wth the solution. I got rid of the \ in the code as it already seemed to be there in the serverUrl

I am in need of some assistance because I am receiving the same error stating cb is not a function.
Thanks In Advance

Hey there!

Are you calling

remoteDS.getAll(function (data) { console.log(data); });

or just



The error should go away if you use this version: remoteDS.getAll(function (data) { console.log(data); });

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks Chrisaquinoa

I got the code to finally work, I had extra spaces in my code, once the extra spaces were gone, the code worked.