Google Map Not Displaying

I finished the Android Programming class last week and decided to use the Ch 34 solution to get the app up and running as quickly as possible. The app starts, but only displays the Google logo in the bottom left of the screen. What settings might I not have set in order to get the map to display? I can run Google Maps without any issues, so I’m thinking it is some setting in the app that I’m missing. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. Ch. 34 states to remove MapsActivity from AndroidManifest.xml. Should one of the other classes replace it?



You forget to generate the Google Maps API key. On the Google homepage.

You need to login and use the API Console.

I assume you already solved it. For other people in the future stumbling about the same mistake,

here is a link that might help you:

greets :slight_smile: