Help: "Manual is part of Xcode Tools"

Hey all,

So I have been doing pretty well with referencing things while moving along through the chapters. However there has been one thing that has really bugged me and I have NOT been able to solve. I am going to use the instance where it recently occurred which was right at the beginning of chapter 25:

It tells me to create a new command line tool called Constants. Then I am simply using NSLog to show how we can represent a symbol for a constant as well as the value, curtesy of [b]math.h[/b" (part of standard C library). The line of code is as seen below:

It is the next step where the problem popped up again. The book instructs me to command-click on M_PI such that Xcode will direct me to the definition for this particular constant. When I attempt to do this, a small box pops up that says: “Symbol Not Found”. I then try alt-click just to see if the developer tools will show anything, but to no avail: “No quick help. Search Documentation?”. Just for sh*ts and giggles I search the documentation and the first link is M_PI (OS X Man Pages) - Mathematical Library Constants. When I click on this link, Xcode tells me that “This manual page is part of Xcode Tools version 5.0” and then how to install them locally.

I am positive I installed the tools however I cannot get the freaking thing to work locally via Xcode. It is driving me nuts and would appreciate any help on the matter!

I found a solution finally. Download Dash and then integrate it into Xcode via the OMQuickHelp plugin. (not EXACTLY the same look but gets the job done in the same manner)