Homeowner app / Using Arrays across multiple ViewControllers


I wonder if someone can help me with the questions below

On the Homepwner app when you pass an item over to the detail controller and edit it. How does the item update when we move back to the table view controller without passing the item back?

Another related question. How would you manually add an item by bringing up a screen to enter details then have that item show when going back to the Table View Controller. I’m talking about passing the data as I’d know how to create the interface. Would you need to pass the entire array over to the add item screen, append to it then pass the array back?

Or what if you needed an array to be available over multiple view controllers?


I recommend that you do the following tutorial. It is a bit long, but it explains in detail how to construct a typical iOS app by using storyboards.

Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) - developer.apple.com/library/ios … index.html

Thanks. That looks like it could be what i’m looking for. I’ll work my way through it and see