How to get started on developing music streaming apps


I just finished BNR iOS and Obj-C books. How can I get started on developing music streaming apps like Songza, Pandora, etc? CoreAudio? What framework/technology do I use? BNR books did not give any training on Audio topics.

I have created some music in Mp3 format. Wanted to create an app so friends can listen. It has to be able to talk to the server, so I can push my new songs to them. Thanks a lot!


Before embarking on that major project, you should consider reading the other two books as well:
[ul]Cocoa® Programming for Mac® OS X (4th Edition);
Advanced Mac OS X Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide;
Also check out the documentation for Core Audio and Bonjour, and the URL Loading System Programming Guide


Sorry, forgot to mention it will be iOS app. Do above mentioned recommendations still apply?


Learning Core Audio (by Adamson & Avila) is a very recent book that will be a huge boon to any kind of audio streaming you may want to do. It’s got great coverage of the different audio frameworks available for Mac & iOS development.

Additionally, it’d be good to start thinking about how you intend to serve up the audio you’ll be streaming.


@MikeyWard, thank you for your response. But what do you mean in the last paragraph above?


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