I can't run Application on Android Emulator

It all started when I tried to create a virtual device. Following the examples from your book, I chose Nexus_5S with a system image (Android 7.0 Nougat) from the list of Recommended system images. A notification was immediately displayed that my CPU does not support (VT-x or SVM). Indeed, I have an AMD FX chip, but Intel is needed. Then I tried to select a system image from the Other Images list (the same Android 7.0 Nougat) - arm64-v8a ABI and armeabi ABI. Someone on the forums solved this problem like this. It seems like it turned out to run Android Emulator, BUT! But the emulated device takes too long to load and takes too long to respond to actions. Also, when I try to run my application on an emulated device, it immediately closes.
I performed all the actions as they were described in your book, so I am inclined to think that I either missed any project settings.
I have a NVidia GeForce GTX 960 graphics card and an AMD FX 8300 processor.
Help me please to understand, what I’m doing wrong.
Also when I start the emulated device for the first time, this window appears

As I understand it, the Vulcan driver is not related to my graphics card

I might wanna try reinstalling it

Hey @folin if you are still having issues after reinstalling android studio or after installing a new or different android virtual device (AVD) could you give Genymotion a try. Check out this link:

P.S. Just a disclaimer this is a shameless plug for an answer I posted to StackOveflow. Hope it helps!

If you read the window, it says “It appears that your computer’s OpenGL graphics driver crashed. This was probably caused by a bug in the driver or by a bug in your app’s OpenGL code.”

I would suggest trying to update your graphics driver. It tells you to check the manufacturer’s website to obtain an updated graphics driver. It looks like you are missing a file (amdvlk64.dll).

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Thanks! That is the error, will try to fix it.

Hey there,
Similarly, I cannot run my YoWhatsApp on an Android Emulator
Can I fix it your way?

@VanessaWright what error message are you getting if any when you run the app on an Android Emulator?
Could you share a stacktrace or screenshot?

I fixed this problem, now I can use it together with some other apps like Brasil TV New with Emulator emulator Thank you for your attention.