Problem with the Android Virtual Device


I am not sure i can ask this question on this forum, but i would like to make use of the AVD to experiment with different kind of devices (tablet,phone,…) . I can’t figure the solution to the following annoying problem. I searched the net and tried the proposed solutions which worked for some, but none worked for me so far. As it seems, there is not a unique solution. I get the message:

Emulator Panic: Cannot find AVD system path. Please define ANDROID_SDK_ROOT.

Why hasn’t this been taken care of by the installation program? Why do i to fix this? Doesn’t android studio already know the path to such a critical directory? Please explain to me in laymen terms why i have to set this up? Any helop would be appreciated.


I will reply to my question, because i found the solution. I read the official documentation, this page more precisely:
I changed the ANDROID_HOME variable so it points to the correct path where the sdk resides on my local hard drive (system properties, advanced settings, environment variable). I copied the path from the SDK Manager -> Android SDK (copied the path shown on the right of the screen)

Take away point for me: think about about reading the official documentation.