I love singing and really want to do something in it

I’ve recently realized this. I have a very unique voice. Definitely helps me stand out, and there’s a ton of people, friends and fans, that love my music! I appreciate all the support. But with all the support comes negativity.

I recently submitted my song to a Twitch music feedback streamer. He starts it up, I get ready to hear some good feedback.

He starts laughing.

“Okay, no offense, but I’d say stick to something else. This is terrible. You sound like Kermit was a smoker and decided to rap.”

Now, I understand that someone can dislike music of course, and I know my music isn’t super great, but the Kermit line really started something worse.

I saw some people before he commented saying they digged it, but as soon as he says that, those people disappeared and up appeared a bunch more saying how hilariously trash it was.