What to listen to while coding?

Hey guys

just wondering what the best thing to listen to while coding is for you? Old re-runs of McGuyver in the background? Hip Hop ? Rock? Personally i listen to pod casts, as i feel the chit chat and banter keeps a part of my brain occupied while another part figures out the problem at hand. I recently discovered http://www.poddsocks.com as a good source of chit chat, and the latest episode was pretty good to download

anyone have any other suggestions of what is good to listen to while workin



the newest episode download was even funnier than the last. Awesome for coding.

Digitally Imported (di.fm) Epic Trance or Progressive Trance station. You can access it via di.fm or by going through iTunes Radio.

Spotify Radio Playlists are great. Start one on the artist named “Burial”.

Depending on my mood, Soma.fm’s Drone Zone and Groove Salad or videogame soundtracks (specifically the FF series and Blizzard games).

I lisent musics on my phone while coding. I download this app at https://techflicky.com/ site


I usually listen to hip-hop or vapourwave lofi but recently kinda got bored and put on a liminal space playlist…realised I exist again only 6 hours later ahahha

I love Eminem but sometimes I get really distracted if a particularly good song comes on…Music is so damn foine :ok_hand:

ngl when my female friend made me listen to this Spotify playlist named ‘female rage’ I went :eyes: “darlin u okay?”


I kinda like listening to it though cause it’s groovy fr! But damn some of those songs hit too deep ahaha (POV i’m a cishet guy)