Is it okay to check on others' solutions on every challenges

Hey guys… I’ve been studying with BNR and the forum for about two months. learned a lot. Enjoyed a lot. But I’m pretty frustrated by the fact that I need to come to the forum for help on almost every challenges after every chapters.
I know that I’m supposed to solve the problem by myself or used google for more information to read… But for the most of the time I just felt like that I didn’t even have a clue. I don’t even know what I don’t know. And by checking other’s solutions can I at least make sense of what the challenge is requiring…
I’m a real newbie to programming and BNR is my first book related to programming. Besides the frustration I feel(kind of peer pressure), I really want to know if it’s normal of my situation. I mean, I did learn by others’ code. I didn’t just copy and paste but retyped it line by line and tried my best to understand. Is it Ok? If it’s not, any possible solution to help me out of this?

Don’t feel bad about it - Studying other people’s code is a good learning strategy.

If you are not able to solve, you can get idea from others to solve. Once you finish it, you can check the other solution to get the idea how he has solved.

I’m the same way but I enjoy the topic. I keep at it and get better every day. Don’t let it get you down that you have to check and compare. Just do your best and you will get better. Besides, it’s really interesting to see how others have solved the problem. Just keep practicing!