Is Auto Layout broken in Xcode 6.3.2

I was so excited to get my new book and dive right in. But right off the bat on the very first exercise, creating the MainWindowController xib file, crashes Xcode. I found a few similar postings on stackoverflow that exhibited similar behavior all pointing to editing the source of the xib file to set useAutoLayout = “NO”, but that seems to defeat the purpose of going through the exercise and learning to use the tool.

Editing the file, and trying to re-enable Auto Layout from the File Inspector didn’t help. Re-installing Xcode 6.3.2 (6D2105) didn’t help.

And it’s not just the MainWindowController xib file. The MainMenu xib file that comes with the empty new project does the same thing.

Any ideas? I’m stuck on moving forward without Auto Layout

I don’t have the 5th Edition.

But, by using Xcode 6.3.2 (6D2105), I have experimented with a project, with two xib files; I turned on/off auto layout several times. I don’t see any crashes.

Are you editing the xib files manually? If so, maybe you are accidentally breaking other things in the process.

I’ve only edited manually to get around the crash.

I created the MainWindowController class/xib, tried to open it and Xcode crashed. It’s a blank, template file.

The combination of re-installing Xcode, removing all project files, and logging out, then logging in, restarting Xcode and creating a new project seems to have fixed this.