Xcode (now 6.1) and .xib file for iOS single view project

Suppose I want to manage the UI playing with the .xib file, rather than explicitly writing the code as explained in this chapter, how do I do?

When I create a new project: iOS - Single View Application, Xcode only creates a LaunchScreen.xib file. I do not get a ViewController.xib.

If I do: File -> New -> File -> iOS -> User Interface -> View, then I can create an .xib file with the name I choose. However, this does not feel right, e.g. Xcode by default asks me to save it in the main folder of the project. If I move it somewhere else then it shows in red in Xcode. Another reason is that when I click on “File’s Owner” the Identity inspector has Custom Class -> Class set on NSObject, while it should be set on ViewController (I guess - is this true?).