Laptop choice for working through this book

All - I’ve noticed there are a variety of folks here who use MacBooks (including the authors looks like), but it seems that still the majority of Android developers I meet are using Windows based machines. I used to work on Macs exclusively until years back when Apple stopped shipping Java with the OS. Then since I’ve picked up Android dev and am not “forced” to use the Mac for mobile development any more, I have a choice of which platform to go with for my new laptop.

What’s the scoop these days? I was about to go with a very high-end ASUS (K501UW-AB78) which I can get for under $1000 completely maxed out. Should I still consider one of the current Macbook Pro models even though they are at least 2,5x the price?

I realize the Mac is the only one I can use and do mobile dev for both Apple and Android, but I’m pretty much focusing on Android these days…


You could be adventurous and run Linux. I’ve installed Android Studio on Linux, Windows, and Mac. But I really hate Windows, so I would suggest macOS or Linux. I suppose its all personal preference really.

We (Big Nerd Ranch) use macs. We also teach a lot of Android programming classes at various companies and most of our students use Macs too.

The nice thing about Android is that you can use any platform you like. I agree with @crispytx, it’s really a personal preference thing.