New book version, 7th edition?

I was wondering if a 7th edition is planned for release anytime soon?

The 6th edition was published just over a year ago (December 2016), so probably not. I’d rather see an updated Cocoa Programming for OS X - the most recent edition is almost 3 years old, and was written for Swift v1 & Xcode 6.


im looking for the latest for android which one is it?

The 3rd edition is the current one, but over in this thread one of the authors says they’re planning on releasing a 4th edition this summer.

thank you the third edition is what im having problems with any chance i could get some assistance on that one i mean i dont know really much of anything it seems and want to know what is recommended. my aim is to make apps and if i am making them as a career what books are suggested or recommended? plz and thanks JonAult

Sorry, can’t help you with that. I know nothing about Android development, don’t even own an Android phone (though I might pick up the 4th edition book next winter & go through it just out of curiosity).

This thread has a few recommendations for Java books. O’Reilly publishes pretty good books, so I’d take a look at anything they put out related to Java or Android.

cool cool thanks appreciate it. they concentrate so much on i phone? I wish i knew more about this lol im just fascinated by it all kinda thing.

Well the company was started by Aaron Hillegass who used to work for Apple (and Next before that), so in the past they’ve had a pretty strong focus on Apple programming. But they started branching out several years ago with their first Android book.

ok is the focus on apple for a good reason? or is it cuz its the most complex and more books to put out do to that? i wonder…

I suspect it’s because Mac OS X is what they were familiar with & they saw a need for training developers in writing software for it, nothing more than that.

I’d like an updated Cocoa Programming for OS X, or rather macOS.
With UIKit now for Mojave I think it will happen, but probably not until early next year.

I’d like to see one, too. But the new BNR website makes no mention of any Mac OS training or books - it’s all iOS, Android, and web development. So I’m not holding my breath for any more Mac OS books from them. :slightly_frowning_face: