4th edition coming?


Are there plans for a 4th edition to be released 2018 Q1 or in the near future? That was when the 3rd edition came out.

We use this book for our Android Development course and trying to figure out if a new book will ship a month after classes begin.


New book version, 7th edition?

We’re targeting late Q2 or Q3 for the release of the 4th edition.

If there are any other questions that I can answer to help with your course, let me know. It’s always exciting for me to see our book being used for courses.


Great. I will plan to use the 3rd edition again and then look into the 4th edition for the following year.



I am also going to use the 3rd edition to my course for the winter quarter. I want to know what are the main new changes coming for the 4th editions and if there is any available instructor resources for the 3rd edition.


We haven’t yet planned out all of the changes for the 4th edition. Tentatively, we’re looking to add some level of information on Kotlin and Architecture Components, among many other changes.

As for instructor resources, we don’t have much to offer there (besides the solutions). Is there something that you are looking for or that would be helpful?


Is there going to be a total rewrite with Kotlin?


We haven’t decided that yet (we’re meeting about it today actually). I will say this though: I believe that Kotlin is the future of Android development.


Please rewrite 4th edition with Kotlin.


Please rewrite 4th edition with Kotlin because this is the demand of time and market also…


Extend the topic about material design. Every time I see a talk about material design in internet my hand goes to click that by default. (I think I have to check a doc. abt it ASAP :grin:)


Actually in addition to that, add a topic for a simple messaging app using firebase.(where it is used to send just messages alone and not videos or pics).


Any new info on the 4th edition?

To what extent will Kotlin be covered in the book?
Will notifications begin using the new Oreo specific style?


Any updates on 4th edition release dates ?


The 4th edition will be all in Kotlin and we’re anticipating a release early next year.


Thanks for the update. For now I will go with 3rd edition then. Looking forward for 4th Edition :slight_smile:


Is there by any possibility to receive a review copy or instructor edition early?

I have used the 2nd and 3rd edition of this book as the text for our Android development class. Next spring when the course is offered again we will be switching to Kotlin instead of Java. It would be great to use the book from when the class begins in January, but I fear a release in February may be too late in to the semester to adopt.


I guess the 4th edition should show us a new Android programming style - “Android Jetpack”?


Is Big Nerd Ranch Guide Android 4th Edition out?


@cstewart - I’m beginning to put together our spring semester course and have enjoyed using the 2nd & 3rd editions of this book in the past. We will be switching to Kotlin for the course and I wanted to again ask if there was any possibility of receiving a review or instructor’s copy of the book to be able to best align the course with the book. I would be more than happy to provide feedback / comments / corrections / etc. if needed.

If not, is there a more accurate release date for the 4th edition?



We’re targeting late Q1 2019 as the release date for the 4th edition.

@jpaone we’ll reach out to you directly to see if there’s something we can do to help.