Wow, 4th Edition's comming.. (from Amazon)


I’ve just seen the 4th Edition information in Amazon.

Is this Kotlin version, right?
Can I get a bit more infomation? (Table of contents, Introduction, etc.)
(I am ready to translate into Korean…)

Thank you for your nice book.


We’re working on it!

I anticipate that it’ll be released in late Q1 2019. It will be in Kotlin and will use some of the JetPack components.


Thank you for your reply.

In the 3rd edition there are 8 Android apps which rely on Fragment.
I think it’s better to use less “Fragment”. is it possible?


We are still going to rely heavily on Fragments. We use Fragments in our app development consulting work and Google is continuing to support and recommend fragments. Also, the new navigation architecture component library requires fragments, so you can expect to see Google rely on them more and more.


Yes, you are right.
But in the point of the book, especially for the beginners of Android Programming,
pushing them into Fragments based apps is hard, I think.
In the case of the 8 Android apps of the 3rd edition,
“CriminalIntent” is fit to use Fragments, but the remainders are needed to consider using Activity, I think.
Thank you.



Amazon says the book is being released Dec 27th 2018? Has Amazon listed the incorrect date and its still being released late Q1 2019?


Correct. Amazon has the wrong date listed. We are on track for a late Q1 2019 release.

We already use a beta version of the 4th edition in our classes, but it’s got a ways to go before it’s ready for a book release.


I guess there’s no way to get the beta version early? :grinning:
obviously happy to pay for it. I’ve just switched the Kotlin so need some BNR!


No, sorry. Only if you take a class.

We do have a new book on the Kotlin programming language that is released.


Hopefully the updated date of April 8, 2019 is also still incorrect :slight_smile:


Books should learn how to program in the right way. If you want something really simple then tutorials/samples from official android developers site should be enough…


I’m not sure about “some of the JetPack components”. If we choose JetPack technology then it seems we have to combine all JetPack components and use them together. So it looks like: or we use standard Android API + MVC or we use Jetpack + MVVM (it’s like we have two methods of creating Android apps). I’m not sure about mixing them up