MockWalker crash Fix


So as instructed I downloaded the MockWalker app to simulate GPS data on an emulator. However, when I pressed the start button the app crashed. After checking the logcat messages I discovered you have to enable MockWalker as the default mock location application in the developer settings.

Settings > Developer Options > Select mock location app > MockWalker.

Hope this helps someone.

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This 2nd task (the “chicken” problem) takes a few steps that I had to look up. You have to go the very bottom of the emulator Settings app: “About emulated device”, then go the bottom of that menu and that item will be the build number, then click on that 6 or more times until it asks if you want to enable the developer mode. Then, if you go back one level in the menus (now at the top of the Settings, now there will be a new menu item for “Developer options”. Under “Debugging”, there will be an entry to set the app to do mock locations. Click on that and find the MockWalker app.

The first (or “egg”) problem is how to get that api on the emulator. I found the project could be found and built in Studio, but also could be dragged in the form of the apk directly to the emulator home screen and it asks to be installed.

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Worked for me. Thank you so much.