No file created - No errors, no help in other topics

The GeoQuiz/app/build/generated/not_namespace_r_class_sources/debug/processDebugResources/r/ folder does not exist. There is only GeoQuiz/app/build/generated/. There is no file. The project builds cleanly with no errors. I get “BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 839ms 26 actionable tasks: 26 up-to-date”

I am using Android Studio 4.1.1. I believe the manner in which this file is created has changed, with it no longer being created at all. I looked at a linked article from another topic on this subject but I could not find any specific reference to the file not being created in newer versions of Android Studio. Please do explain this to me like I am a 4th grader because there are a lot of moving parts that I am still putting together.

I believe the idea behind having people look at the file was just to see how it is used for r.layout.activity_main and to meantion that this is also where resources ID’s are kept. It is not a file that we should be editing manually so I am guessing this is just an FYI. But now that this file is not generated the lesson is lost on me.

One of the comments in another subject says" “The new Android Gradle Plugin generates the corresponding bytecode directly and does not make the intermediate file.”

What does that mean? Where can I find resource ID’s if there is no file? My guess is that
there is a way to get Resouce ID’s programmatically or through the Visual Studio GUI. I’m just trying
to figure out what I am missing here concept or learning wise, thanks!